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Beware of cold calls via the telephone

What is voice phishing?

Voice phishing (sometimes referred to as 'vishing') is when fraudsters make unsolicited phone calls which aim to encourage you to give out your personal details, such as your debit or credit card number, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) numbers, or secure codes from your card reader. The fraudsters may pretend to be your bank, the police, or any other official company in order to sound convincing. Sometimes you may get a 'warm up call' where no information is discussed. This is to set the scene for a later call where you may be asked for information.

How to avoid becoming a victim of voice phishing

- Never give your full PIN or online/telephone banking login details to anyone, even a caller claiming to be from your bank or An Garda Síochána/ police.

- If you get a call asking you for this information, end the call immediately.

- If you receive a suspicious or unexpected call, always verify the caller using an independently checked phone number such as a contact number from our website.

- Remember fraudsters also use techniques to hold your phone line open. When you try to dial out to verify the caller, the fraudster may stay on the line, play a fake dial tone and claim to be the person you're trying to contact. To avoid this, use a different phone line to verify the caller where possible. If not, try calling a friend or family member first to make sure your line is clear.

See the Be Aware Beat Fraud guide for further information (2.5MB PDF)


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