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Switching to Ulster Bank

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Why move your account to us?

No day to day transaction fees

We won’t charge for day-to-day transactions, just a €4 monthly maintenance fee.

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Emergency Cash

If your card is lost or stolen we will cancel your card and let you withdraw up to €300 from our cash machines if you are an online and telephone banking customer, or up to €60 if you're not.

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Saturday Banking

A number of our branches are open on Saturdays from 10am until 1pm.

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Mobile Banking

Our mobile app is simple, clever and easy to use - you can even use it to withdraw cash at our cash machines and make payments to friends and family using just their mobile number.

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The switching process

Moving your account to us is simple. To make it extra easy we’ll...

  • Send you your new cards and chequebook
  • Transfer your salary to your new account
  • Set up your standing orders
  • Request the set-up of your Direct Debits
  • Transfer any credit balance from your old account
  • Arrange to close your old account

And we’ll do it all within seven working days.*

Woman working on laptop Switching documentation

The account switching form and further important information about our accounts, fees and terms and conditions are available here:

*Occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances beyond our control in which these timescales cannot be met.

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The switching process


As soon as we send the signed account transfer form to your old bank, the switching process begins and will be completed within seven working days.*

Your old bank will:

  • Provide us with a list of your standing orders and Direct Debits. A copy will also be sent to you
  • Inform your existing Direct Debit originators/creditors located in the Republic of Ireland of your new account details

If you have chosen to close your old account your old bank will also:

  • Refund stamp duty on unused cheques which you have returned
  • Add any stamp duty due to your old bank cards and any charges and/or interest due
  • Close your old bank account and transfer the credit balance to your new account
  • Send you an account closing statement

We will set up standing orders once we receive the existing list from your old bank. If you would like to make any changes to them, please contact us immediately. We will also help to organise regular payments into your account.

We rely on your Direct Debit originators to update your details. You will need to contact any originators outside of the Republic of Ireland.

Ensuring your switch goes smoothly

Choose a time of the month when there is little activity on your account in terms of Direct Debits and payments.

Make sure there are enough funds in both accounts to cover any upcoming transactions or charges.

Ensure your old bank has your up to date details. If you are switching a joint account, the same names should be used on both accounts.


If you are closing your old account:

Return any unused cheques and bank cards when you receive the new ones. Don't use your old cards or chequebook once the switching process has started as transactions that are yet to clear may delay the switch.

If you have a debit balance to transfer, or you would like a credit facility, please agree this with us first.

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