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For mortgage debt assistance call us today:

  • From the Republic of Ireland on 1800 435 763
  • From outside the Republic of Ireland on 00353 1709 2118

For loan or overdraft debt assistance 

  • From the Republic of Ireland on 1850 201 210
  • From outside the Republic of Ireland 0044 2890 538 702

How to manage your debt

Maximise your income - look at the different ways of increasing your household income.

Review the terms of any Payment Protection policies you might have - it could help cover your payments.

Review the terms of any other protection policies you have - such as life/mortgage protection or critical illness protection.

Reduce your spending - try to cut out things you don't need, shop around for bargains and keep a 'spend diary'. Visit sites like www.seai.ie for tips on saving energy and www.callcosts.ie for competitive phone and internet connection rates. Ask us about online banking, which will help you budget more effectively.

Plan a budget - this can be tough, but it can really help you to clear your arrears bit by bit. If you know how much money is coming in and going out, you'll know just how much you need to meet your bills.

Use our Money Matters guide - Our guide provides detailed support, whatever your circumstances.   

Download our Money Matters guide (PDF, 189 KB)

How we can help

If you are having difficulty managing your mortgage, loan or credit card, we are here to help. We have introduced a financial assessment that is designed to evaluate your financial situation and give you a helping hand when you need it most.

Specially trained staff will carry out a financial review. They will review your current financial situation and take you through the repayment options available, helping you to work out the best way to manage your debt and meet your repayments. These options include:

Extending the loan term
Temporarily moving to interest only payments
Reduced payments on a temporary basis
Postponement of monthly repayments for a defined period of time

See an example of a financial review

Each of these arrangements may have a impact on the total cost of credit on your mortgage.

See an example of the cost of credit

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Mortgage arrears resolution process

If you're in financial trouble, we're here to help. Ulster Bank's financial assessment is designed to help customers who are trying to continue to meet their debt repayments but due to a change in circumstances cannot afford to meet their full monthly mortgage repayments. We are committed to working with you


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For loan or overdraft debt assistance call us on 0345 6023112

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