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Ways to bank with Ulster Bank

Stay in touch with your finances in a way that suits you

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What's new in Anytime Banking

We are always looking at ways to improve your online banking experience. 

Keep up-to-date and find out about the latest improvements to your Anytime Banking.

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What's new in Anytime Banking
Online and mobile banking The simple, secure way to manage your money

Anytime Internet Banking

Our Anytime Internet Banking service gives you the flexibility to manage your money from the comfort of your own home, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Mobile Banking Apps

Stay in touch with your finances wherever you are with our mobile banking app, the quick, convenient way to mange your money on the move.

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Other ways to bank Branch, telephone and text alert services
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Find out more about the range of services available across our extensive branch network

Branch services
Telephone banking staff member

Whether you use our handy touchtone service or want to speak to us, with telephone banking we're here 24/7

Telephone banking
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Stay in touch with your money - get balance and account activity updates with our handy text alert service

Text alerts
Additional services

Get Cash service

Forgotten your ATM card? Our mobile app Get cash feature can help

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Order cash/coin

Order cash or coin online to collect at your local branch

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Exchange rates

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Savings goals

Saving for something special? Our savings goal tool could help.

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