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Upon submitting your application a credit search will be carried out on all owners of the business.  Over 18's only.  If for any reason your circumstances have changed, your application may be declined.

Available to your business if its registered in Republic of Ireland, open less than 36 months and has projected or existing annual turnover under €1m.  You need to apply for a Business Bank Account, Anytime Banking and Business Debit Card.


Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply.  Credit applications will usually be recorded at Credit Reference Agencies and may affect your ability to obtain credit elsewhere in future.

Help to get your business started

 Two years transaction fee free banking - this means standard charges for the day to day running of your account, commonly known as your transaction fees, will not apply for the first two years after the account opening date

  View your account on our mobile app and online banking platforms by registering for Anytime Internet Banking within your application

  Need a Business Visa Debit Card?  Select this option when applying for your Business Bank Account

A maintenance fee of €14.25 per quarter applies unless you are eligible for the Start Up package, which includes two years transaction fee-free banking

Credit balance interest - the rate of interest may be positive, where the Bank pays you interest, or negative, where you pay interest to the Bank. Where the rate is 0% no interest will be applied. See our credit balance interest rates

We get to know you, not just your business

Once you've applied online, our team will contact you the next working day to arrange an appointment at your local branch.

Before we can progress your application we need a few documents to verify you and your business - we will confirm what's required when we contact you.

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