Cards OnLine

Cards OnLine

How does Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) impact Cards OnLine?


From 14th September 2019, we'll be adding additional security features to Cards OnLine.

As part of fraud prevention 2-factor-authentication will soon become mandatory. In addition to your partial PIN and password, you'll need to enter a one-time-passcode sent via SMS to confirm your identity.

It's vital that we have your up-to-date contact details ahead of September. 

To register, we'll send you a mail authentication code (MAC) in the post as we do today.  In addition to the MAC, you'll have to enter a one-time-passcode sent via SMS to securely register.

If you're interested in the detail, the SMS one-time-passcode proves 'possession' of your registered SIM card. When combined with the MAC, this satisfies the requirments of Strong Customer Authentication.  

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