When will Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) be introduced?


Over the coming months, SCA will become a mandatory requirement and upgraded Bankline Quick Response (QR) Smartcard readers will be required to log on to Bankline, authorise payments and make administrative changes.

Customers will automatically be issued with upgraded QR Smartcard readers to their Bankline Administrator(s) Address as listed on their Bankline profile. You will be able to use the upgraded QR Smartcard reader as soon as you receive it to authorise payments or make any administrative changes in the same way as you do today.

What changes will I see on Bankline due to SCA?


Log in changes - In response to the new requirements, and to increase security, SCA will also apply when you log in. 

Payment authorisation changes - You'll use the upgraded readers for authorising Bankline payments, and for anything else in Bankline that currently requires smartcard authorisation for example, making administration changes.

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