How will we receive upgraded QR Smartcard readers?


For users who have never been issued with a Smartcard (e.g. they have a Bankline role to simply view account information), we will communicate over the coming weeks when these users can expect to receive a Smartcard, a PIN and a QR Smartcard reader.

You may have users who have been issued with a Smartcard but don't use it. They, or anyone who has lost their Smartcard (or cannot remember their PIN), can have one re-ordered now through their Bankline administrator and keep it safe until they receive the upgraded QR Smartcard reader.

Customers will automatically be issued with an upgraded QR Smartcard reader to their Bankline Administrators address, as recorded on their Bankline profile.

What is different about the new readers?


The new QR Smartcard readers will incorporate QR (Quick Response) code scanner functionality to log on to Bankline and authorise payments. Bankline will display an encrypted QR code, which you will scan with the reader.

The reader shows the details of the transaction and if you are happy with what you see, you'll simply enter the Smartcard PIN. The QR Smartcard reader displays the response code that you enter back into Bankline.

The response code is then verified and the transaction authorised. 

If I don't receive my cards or reader, what is the impact?


We will write to you over the coming months to advise you when the changes will take effect. In the meantime, customers should continue to log on to Bankline and authorise payments as they do today.

Once the changes are implemented, all users will need the new upgraded QR Smartcard readers to log in to Bankline, authorise payments or make any administrative changes.

After the changes have been implemented, you may not be able to log in or make payments in Bankline if you do not have a Smartcard and new QR Smartcard reader which is why it is important that all Bankline contact addresses are up to date.



What about users who don't need a Smartcard at the moment?


Over the coming months, all customers will be required to use a Smartcard to log on to Bankline. Users who do not use a Smartcard today will need a Smartcard, PIN, and upgraded QR Smartcard reader so that they can continue to log in once the changes happen. We will update you on how and when you can do this in due course. 

When you order a replacement Smartcard for an existing user we will not automatically issue another QR Smartcard reader with it. To order a QR Smartcard reader you'll either need to be an administrator on Bankline or contact your Bankline administrator to do this for you. 

Will users be sent a new PIN?


Anyone with an existing Smartcard and reader will not need a new PIN. Only users who do not use a Smartcard today will need a Smartcard, PIN and QR Smartcard reader. We will update you on how and when this can be done in due course.

When will we have to start using the upgraded QR Smartcard reader?


Over the coming weeks customers will be issued with their new QR Smartcard readers and will be advised when to start using them. Once the changes happen, all Bankline users must then use their Smartcard and upgraded QR Smartcard reader to log onto Bankline, authorise payments or make any administrative changes.

Will the upgraded QR Smartcard readers be used for authorising payments?


Yes. As well as logging in, you will use the new QR Smartcard readers for authorising payments and for anything else in Bankline that currently requires Smartcard authorisation. For example, making administrative changes to your profile.

Will there be any changes to pages within Bankline?


From a customer's perspective you will see changes to the log in screens and wherever else Bankline requires a Smartcard to authorise an action.

You will see the QR code displayed underneath the details of the action being authorised. 

Are the new QR Smartcard readers handheld or require USB plug in?


The QR Smartcard readers are handheld and use AAA batteries. Simply replace these as required; you will not need to order a new reader.

You may receive a QR Smartcard reader that has a battery door that is secured with a screw. You can remove this with a small screwdriver.

No software update is required.


Do I need to return current QR Smartcard readers or destroy them?


When you receive your new QR Smartcard reader, we would ask you to dispose of your existing card reader in an environmentally friendly way. 

Will there be a cost implication for the customer?


There will be no charge to you for the upgraded QR Smartcard readers.

How do I know if I will get a new card reader automatically?


We will be prioritising users who are actively logging on to Bankline. If a user has not logged in within the last 13 months the user will not be sent an upgraded QR Smartcard reader.

If the user requires a new QR Smartcard reader because they are going to start using Bankline again, your local Bankline administrator will need to order one for the user.

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