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Icon expand What is a One-Time Passcode "OTP" Service?

OTP Service is a security feature provided by Ulster Bank. When you make an online transaction with your Commercial or Business Card after 14th September 2019, you may receive an OTP through an SMS to your registered mobile phone number or registered email address.

OTPs are not required for all online transactions, however, occasionally you will be asked to carry out the OTP authentication.  Simply enter the OTP when prompted to authenticate your transaction.


Icon expand Do I need to register for OTP Service?

Registration is not required for OTP Service. We'll send the OTP to your registered mobile phone number or email address.

Please ensure that you've registered a valid mobile number and email address with us. Contact us on the number on the back of your card to check or update your information.


Icon expand Are there any service charges for using OTP Service?

The OTP service via SMS is free within the Republic of Ireland. If you are overseas or using an overseas service provider, your service provider may levy charges. Ask your telecommunication service provider for details on roaming services. 

The OTP service via email is free, no charges are applicable.


Icon expand Why do I need an OTP Service? What are the benefits of OTP?

Using an OTP provides extra protection against online fraud. If fraudsters obtain your card information, they won't be able to use it for online transactions without the OTP sent to your mobile phone or email address.


Icon expand Does an OTP expire?

The OTP expires 10 minutes after we send it to you. If you can't enter the OTP to complete your transaction before it expires, you may have to restart the transaction.

We will block your card after three unsuccessful attempts. If this happens, please ring the number at the back of your card to get it unblocked.


Icon expand Can I recieve an OTP when I am overseas?

If you are overseas and using overseas mobile service providers, the service provider may not support the receipt of international SMS. Remember to turn on your mobile phone and activate your roaming service to ensure you can receive the OTP SMS.  Ask your telecommunication service provider for details.


Icon expand What should I do if I lost my mobile phone?

Report your loss to your mobile service provider immediately to suspend your mobile service.


Icon expand Can I refuse to use OTP Service?

No. As a part of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), we must introduce strong customer authentication. Using an OTP will be the only way to authenticate online transactions. So it's important to ensure your mobile phone number and email address registered with the bank is up to date.


Icon expand I don't have a mobile phone. How can I verify my identity?

We offer email as an alternative to recieving your OTP by Mobile SMS. If you do not have a business mobile contact number, please provide us with your updated business email address.

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