Board committee overview

Board Committee Overview


UBID Board of Directors is the principal decision-making forum for the company. It has overall responsibility for leading and controlling the company and is accountable to shareholders for financial and operational performance. The Board approves strategy and monitors performance.

UBID Executive Committee manages operational issues material to UBID. The committee considers strategy, finance and budget, capital allocations, risk strategy and policy and risk management.

UBID Risk Committee provides oversight and advice to the Board in relation to current and potential future risk exposures of UBID and future risk strategy, including determination of risk appetite and tolerance.

UBID Audit committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities in relation to the disclosure of the financial affairs of UBID.

UBID Remuneration Committee is responsible for the preparation of decisions regarding remuneration, including those which have implications for the risk, and risk management of UBID, taking into account the long-term interests of shareholders, investors and other stakeholders in the institution and the public interest.

UBID Nominations Committee assists the Board in the formal selection and appointment of directors having regard to the overall balance of skills, knowledge, experience and diversity on the Board.

UBID Related Party Lending Committee is responsible for the oversight and approval of lending to related parties as determined by the CBI Related Party Lending Code

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