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Making a difference for our Customers

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The world around us is changing all the time and our customers expect smarter products, better services and more meaningful experiences that provide significant help in their everyday lives. We want to be relevant today, tomorrow and in the future for all our target customer segments.

Our core focus is to work collaboratively cross the bank and across RBS to empower, engage and deliver customer relevant outcomes that:

• Fix basic customer pain points;

• Ensure business as usual activity is market and customer competitive;

• Enhance our current business model through evolutionary product, service
and experience innovations;

• Generate disruptive innovations that create future relevance.

Net Promoter Score

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an important measure we use when evaluating progress towards achieving our ambition to become number one for customer service, trust and advocacy.

Customers are asked how likely they would be to recommend their bank to a friend or colleague, and respond based on a 0-10 scale with 10 indicating “Extremely likely” and 0 indicating “not at all likely”. Customers scoring 0 to 6 are termed detractors, scores of 7 and 8 are passive and customers scoring 9 to 10 are deemed promoters. The NPS is arrived at by subtracting the proportion of detractors from the proportion of promoters. The table below shows the NPS across our four banking divisions over the last three years. Also included in the table is our market position for NPS within each of the divisions.



1 Source: Coyne Research, Q4 2017 (4 quarter rolling data). Latest base size: 275. Question: Please indicate to what extent you would be likely to recommend [BRAND WHERE PRIMARY CURRENT ACCOUNT HELD] to your friends orfamily using a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely.

2 Source: RED C Research, Business Direct Survey. Latest base size: 271.Question: On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is‘not at all likely’ and 10 is ‘extremely likely’, how likely would you be to recommend [BRAND], to another business or colleague?

3 Source: RED C Research, SME Survey. Latest base size: 252. Question: On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is ‘not at all likely’ and 10 is ‘extremely likely’, how likely would you be to recommend [BRAND], to another business or colleague?

4 Source: RED C Research, Commercial Banking Survey. Latest base size: 71. Question: On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is ‘not at all likely’ and 10 is ‘extremely likely’, how likely would you be to recommend [BRAND] as a Corporate Banking provider, to another business or colleague?

5 Survey provider changed to RED C Research at the beginning of 2017, latest results available.

6 Ranking based on main banks with 100 or more respondents. Base size not sufficient for a market comparison in Commercial Banking.

Customer Complaints

Resolving customer complaints quickly and effectively is fundamental to good customer service – and an opportunity to show our customers how much we value their business. We encourage all colleagues to welcome a complaint, take ownership, and resolve it there and then if possible. Where the issue is more complex, it is referred to a specialist member of staff to resolve. You can see more details in our Sustainability Report on how we’re working to reduce complaints and resolve them more quickly.

Supporting vulnerable customers

A customer may be vulnerable due to a physical or mental disability, sight or hearing loss, serious illness, stressful life event, financial stress or other issues that may mean a customer needs extra support from us, either temporarily or long-term. As part of RBS, Ulster Bank customers benefit from a pan-bank programme to improve the experiences of customers in vulnerable situations. Amongst the key developments in 2017 were:

  • We introduced a new Community Banker role that promotes social and financial inclusion through community led financial education and helping our customers (especially the vulnerable), make informed financial decisions through initiatives such as personal financial reviews, scams and fraud workshops and digital tools to manage their personal finances.
  • We collaborated with the Health Service Executive (HSE), to deliver a specially designed training session to some of our customer-facing colleagues.
  • The speically developed, vulnerable customer e-learning module was completed by all of our colleagues whether in customer-facing or support roles.

We also have a Community Protection Advisor role to raise awareness of vulnerability issues and provide guidance and support to our frontline staff so that they in turn can respond with empathy to customers who find themselves in vulnerable situations.


Protecting our customer’s money and data

RBS and Ulster Bank invest heavily in fraud prevention and detection systems to keep our customers’ accounts and information safe and secure. Training on fraud prevention and detection is mandatory for all our employees, not only those serving our customers.

Equally, we are working to help our customers protect themselves against frauds and scams. Our fraud prevention team was active on the ground last year, delivering 14 customer awareness events, reaching 600 business and personal customers. These information sessions feature video footage of common scams, show the devices and tactics used by scammers, and give guidance on protecting personal and business accounts. We’re also using social media as anincreasingly powerful way to update customers on ways to protect their identity and money.

Specifically for our business customers, we updated our ‘Fraud – Know the Risk and Protect your Business’ brochure, launched a new ‘Could you spot a scammer’ leaflet and improved our Security Advice web pages – making it easier for customers to find information on fraud. For more information on our approach to customer information security please visit our Security Centre

Supporting Ireland’s SME’s and Innovators

Managing the daily banking needs of SMEs and providing funding to grow their businesses has always been our focus. As a leading business bank in Ireland, that’s one of the ways we support economic growth and jobs in our economy. Download our 2017 Sustainability Report to learn more about how our Relationship Managers and Sector Specialist Teams are helping start-ups, SME’s and farmers to grow their businesses.

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