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Thinking of making an overpayment

Work out how much interest you could save

Overpayment Calculator Important Information about our mortgages

Mortgage overpayment calculator

See how much you could save

Our simple calculator below will give you an indication of how much interest you could save or how much sooner you could pay off your mortgage by making extra payments.

There are a couple of different options you have when making an overpayment - it's important you understand them so you can decide which option is the best one for you.

Making a regular monthly overpayment:

  • This is an additional monthly payment made on top of what you are obliged to pay each month
  • You can stop making the overpayments at anytime but you must continue to make your normal mortgage payment as usual

Making a one off lump sum overpayment:

  • This is an additional payment that you can make at any time

Can I reduce the term of my mortgage?

  • You can choose to reduce the term of your mortgage - And pay off your mortgage sooner than the agreed end date, or
  • You can choose to reduce your monthly payment - However you won't pay off your mortgage any earlier than the agreed end date
  • Request a call back and our dedicated mortgage team will get in touch.

Enter your mortgage details below to see how much you could save.

Paying a lump sum is a way to lower your monthly payments.

Calculate Savings

If you would like to view a graph with details of your overpayment illustration then please turn java scripts on or download the latest browser.

Your current monthly repayment is

New monthly payment
Amount saved each month
Potential mortgage reduction
Total amount of interest you could save
Incomplete information To calculate your savings, additional information is required

Pay It Off Earlier - Either Lump sum or Extra monthly payment is required

Reduce Your Monthly Payment - Lump sum payment is required

Your overpayments exceeds your current balance
We can’t calculate your savings We can’t calculate your savings

Sorry we are unable to calculate your savings.  Please call us for more information.

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