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Stay Safe from fraud

Stay safe from scams & fraud

Helpful hints and tips to protect yourself against fraud

Top 5 ways to keep yourself safe from fraud
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  • Use an Antivirus and firewall
  • Keep your computer and browser up to date
  • Use secure networks
  • Use strong passwords

More information can be found at Fraud Smart (opens in new window)

Invoice Redirection Fraud

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Criminals are targeting businesses with a simple, but highly effective, scam involving invoices.

If you receive an unexpected instruction asking you to update bank details make sure the instruction is genuine by reaching out to someone you know at the company, using contact details other than those listed on the new instruction.

If the instruction is confirmed to be fraudulent, be sure to notify the bank.

Other types of fraud and scams

Romance Scams

Romance Scams

This type of fraud is when you think you’ve met the perfect person online, but are not who they say they are. Once that person has gained your trust, they ask for money for a variety of emotive reasons.


ATM Fraud

ATM Fraud

We see two main methods used by fraudsters to target ATMs – skimming and card trapping.

In a skimming attack, a criminal fits a small device in the card slot of the ATM. This little gadget captures the data from the magnetic stripe on the back of a bank card. Having also copied the PIN using a concealed camera, the fraudster puts this stolen bank card data onto the magnetic stripe of another card – a mobile phone top-up card, for example – which is then used to make cash withdrawals, usually overseas.


Card trapping occurs when a device fitted to the card slot prevents your card from being returned to you. Once you’ve left the machine, the fraudster prises the device off, taking your card.


Find out more about ATM fraud

ATM Fraud

Doorstep Scams

Doorstep scams are when someone like a rogue trader knocks on your door in hope of scamming you out of your money or try to steal items from within your home.


It is always important to take care when you answer your door. These types of scammers can be persuasive, pushy and polite and it can be easy to fall victim.


Helpful tip sheet on how to stay safe from Doorstep scams. (PDF opens in new window)




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