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Payments Pay Your Contacts

Paying money to anyone who uses the Ulster Bank ROI mobile app is simple. Open your Mobile app, click on the 'Pay your Contacts' option, enter their mobile number, the amount you want to pay and add a personal message. The person will receive the money instantly.

Some important information

Pay Your Contacts lets you send money to someone aged 16 and over with a Republic of Ireland mobile number who has an Ulster Bank Mobile Banking app. You must have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility). There is a maximum payment of €250 a day, which is separate from daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits.

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Fast. Easy. Secure App security

Your Anytime Internet Banking password is securely linked to the Mobile Banking application on your mobile device. This makes the service extremely secure. When you’re thinking up a password, please bear in mind:

  • Use numbers and symbols as well as letters
  • Don’t use your PIN or re-use other passwords
  • Don’t use family names or birthdays as these are easy to guess
  • Don’t use dictionary words – even if you use tactics such as changing ‘I’ to ‘1’ or ‘e’ to ‘3’

Finally, remember, only download mobile apps from official app stores, Don’t download apps from unknown app stores.

More about banking safely on your mobile
Common Questions What information do I need to sign up for Mobile Banking?

You’ll only need to provide your mobile phone number, Anytime Internet Banking login details - Customer Number, PIN, and Password. To access third party payments, Pay Your Contacts and Get Cash, you will need to register your mobile number in Anytime Internet Banking.

The mobile app is available to people aged 11 or over with a Republic of Ireland mobile number starting 08 and Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland personal account. Third party payments and Pay Your Contacts are only available to people aged 16 or over.

Common Questions What accounts can I access with Mobile Banking

First of all, you’ll need to open an Ulster Bank current account before you can use Mobile Banking. After that, you’ll have full access to your Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland current and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loan and mortgage.

Common Questions Is the Mobile Banking app secure?

The app has in-built security to safeguard you. All data is encrypted, and your password is uniquely linked to the copy of the app that’s on your phone or tablet.

Common Questions How long does it take to get started with mobile banking

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, which should only take a few minutes at most, you will have instant access to start using the service.

Common Questions Do I get charged for using the services?

It’s free to use the service itself, but you will still have to pay for any account charges (such as unauthorised overdrafts or transaction fees on your account). 

Aside from that, you will have to pay your usual mobile phone bill, and you may have to pay for Wifi access. Standard network charges apply. Please refer to your network provider for their charges.

Forgotten your bank card... Get Cash

We love Get Cash, our award-winning feature that lets you withdraw money without using your bank card. We think you will, too. It’s perfect for those times when you need small amounts of cash but don’t have your wallet or purse to hand. Get Cash is another way our Mobile app makes your everyday banking easier.

How does it work?

Get Cash couldn’t be simpler. Use the Mobile app to quickly select the amount of money you’d like to withdraw. We’ll provide you with a secure code that stays valid for three hours and can be used to withdraw the money at any Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland or EasyCash cash machine. Use the secure code yourself, or text it to someone else. You can use this service up to twice a day, but can only have one cash code at a time.

What you need to know:

Get Cash only allows a maximum withdrawal limit of €130 per day

• The amount requested must be within the daily withdrawal limit for your debit card

• There is a maximum limit of two Get Cash withdrawals a day – and only one cash code can be provided at a time

• You must have at least €10 available funds to withdraw from your account (including any overdraft facility).

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Mobile banking More benefits

The Mobile Banking app gives you access to other services that make banking easier.

Near Me

Need cash quick? Find the nearest Ulster Bank branch or cash machine by searching your current location, or entering an address.

It’s worth noting that these services use mobile data, so best check with your network provider as you may be charged.

Text Alerts

Text Alerts are a simple way to keep up-to-date with your accounts. They can help you manage your money, avoid or minimise overdraft fees and also let you know if there's any unexpected activity. All customers are able to set up and manage Text Alerts via Anytime Internet banking.


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Move Money when it suits you Payments and Transfers

Pay someone securely without a card reader up to €1,000
You can now pay someone new up to €1,000 using an IBAN. No need to set up a new payee in Online Banking or rummage around for your card reader.

Important information
- The payment details will not be saved.
- You must be aged over 16 and have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility).
- There is a maximum limit of €1,000 payments per working day, which is separate from daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits. You can make up to 4 payments per working day.

You can also use 'Pay someone new' to search our list of companies to pay low value bills.

'Pay someone new' is available on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Paying a person from your list of saved payees
You can also make payments to anyone from your list of payees, whose details you have saved within Online Banking. Just select 'Payments' and scroll through the names to select the correct person, type the amount and click send. The money will leave your account instantly!

Please note that to make payments to your saved payees within the mobile app you will need to make the first payment to that person through Online Banking using your card reader.


Moving money between accounts
We’ve made transferring money on the app really easy. Open it up, choose the account you want to move money from, select the Transfers option and then choose which of your accounts you want to transfer the money to. Type the amount and let us take care of the rest.

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Standing Orders in the app


Open up the mobile app to view the status of your standing orders, check the details and keep an eye on the next payment date.

  • To cancel a standing order from within the mobile app you must give two working days notice.

For more details on cancelling regular payments, please visit our Support Centre.

You can also create standing orders within the app to saved payees, companies or between your own accounts.

Always have your account balance to hand Accounts and Balances

Open up the mobile banking app to check your current account and savings account balance, as well as transfer money between accounts.  You'll also be able to see recent transactions, and even search up to 7 years transaction history on most accounts.

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