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Visa debit cards

Features, benefits and emergency contact numbers

Useful information Emergency contact numbers
Lost/stolen cards

Call us on 1800 245 399


Lines are open 24/7. Calls may be recorded.

Emergency Cash

Call us on 1800 245 399


If your card is lost or stolen, we will automatically cancel your card and let you withdraw cash from our cash machines as soon as you notify us. Find out more

Lines are open 24/7. Calls may be recorded.

Help when abroad

Call us on 0044 131 339 7609


If your card is stopped abroad or you suspect fraud or unusual activity. Call may be recorded.

More on using your card abroad.

Features and benefits

Use your card abroad

Going on holiday, or taking a business trip? Your Ulster Bank Visa Debit card can be a safe and convenient payment method to make transactions abroad.


Ulster Bank Visa Debit cards are accepted at 30 million retail outlets and 1 million cash machines worldwide.


Register your travel details with us at least 24 hours before your trip, and we’ll do our best to ensure your holiday spending isn’t affected at all. You can register by calling us on 1850 424 365 or by visiting a branch where our staff will be happy to help.


To use your debit card, just look for the Visa logo in retailers or on cash machines next time you are abroad, and then use your card as normal.


Find out more about using your debit card abroad.

Protection for your purchases

If you pay for goods/services and they fail to arrive or are damaged, we can help recover the payment. This includes purchases from companies that have gone into administration and online purchases where the goods have not been received.


You should contact the retailer first to try and resolve the problem. If this is unsuccessful then please contact us on 1890 252 968. Calls may be recorded.

Online security

Ulster Bank Secure, provided in association with Verified by Visa, protects your card against unauthorised use when you shop online.


How does it work?
It's simple. You begin by registering your password. When you shop at participating merchants, you are prompted to enter random characters from your password to verify you as the genuine cardholder.


How do I register?
It’s free to register. You may be asked to register whilst completing a purchase. If you don’t register, your transaction may be declined as part of our anti-fraud policy.

Apple Pay

You can now register your debitCARD & serviceCARD for use with Apple Pay on eligible Apple devices.


You can now make contactless Apple Pay payments in participating shops, within apps and online using safari.

Card types

There are three types of cards – serviceCARDs, debitCARDs and cashCARDs.



Pay for goods and services at home and abroad and withdraw cash worldwide.

Get cashback from a range of retailers.

Pay using Contactless wherever you see the Contactless symbol

Use it to set up Apple Pay.

ServiceCARDs have all the functionality of debitCARDs, but can also be used at merchants who are unable to connect to the Bank's systems. ServiceCARDs check every transaction for available funds, but if they can’t connect, the payment should still go through.



Pay for goods and services at home and abroad and withdraw cash worldwide.

Get cashback from a range of retailers.

Use it to set up Apple Pay.

With debitCARDs every transaction is checked for available funds. However, this means that the card can’t be used at merchants who are unable to connect to the Bank's systems. Most merchants can connect, examples of those who can’t include unattended petrol pumps and some card terminals on planes and trains.



Available with savings accounts only.

Withdraw cash at home and abroad.


Guide to cashCARDs

A Government Stamp Duty charge of 12 cent is applied to each domestic  cash withdrawal made at an ATM. The total fee paid per annum per card is capped at €2.50 on ATM only cards and €5 on combined ATM and debit cards, and is applied annually in January.

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