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Anytime Internet Banking

The simple, secure way to manage your money

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Anytime Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible account. Some services may not be available on certain account types or to under 18s. 

Online banking features Stay in control of your finances with online banking:

Our online banking service gives you the flexibility to manage your money at any time 365 days a year, from the comfort of your own home.

View your balance, manage your accounts and pay bills

Switch to online statements - access up to 7 years of statements online

Stay in control of your standing orders and direct debits

Transfer money, pay bills or pay people instantly

Make international payments - send money abroad

Switch on text alerts to get weekly balance updates sent to your mobile

Online security features Bank online with peace of mind

Free Rapport software

We offer free security software from the experts at Trusteer. Their Rapport software provides an extra layer of protection when banking online.

Download Rapport

Secure payments

To get the most from online banking you'll need an Anytime Banking Card Reader. This is our free security device which adds an extra layer of protection when banking online.

Order a card reader
Need to order a Card Reader?

The Anytime Banking card reader is our free chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) security device which gives you added protection against fraud when carrying out certain transactions through online banking. e.g setting up new payments.

If you don't have a card reader you can login to Anytime Banking to order one. Simply click on the 'Security' option in the left hand menu and select 'Order a card-reader'.

Login to order a card reader


If you haven't registered for online banking yet, just follow the link below to get started.

Sign up to online banking 

Our security promise

Banking online or using our mobile banking app? Rest assured that you are protected by our secure banking promise.

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Add your signposting title here… Ready to get started?

Our handy step by step guide tells you how to get started on Anytime Internet Banking, from how to register, to first login. 

Find out how to get started
Cut the paper trail with eStatements Go paperless

There are lots of reasons to make the switch to eStatements and start receiving your statements through online banking;

  • You can view or search up to 7 years of statement history online
  • Let us do the filling - download, save or print copies of your statement so you have easy access to your statements when you need it 
  • Choose to switch some or all of your accounts to eStatements
  • Go green - with online statements there's no envelope and no postal delivery, so they are kinder to the environment
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Icon expand How do I switch to eStatements?

Switching to eStatement is easy, simply login to online banking, select 'statements' from the left hand menu, then click on 'Stop or start paper statements'.  Then just select to change some or all of your accounts to eStatements.

You'll need to enter your email address before switching to eStatements if we don't already have it. This is so we can tell you when your statement is ready to view online.


Icon expand How will I know when my online statement is available?

We will send you an email reminder when your statements is available to view online - you can manage your alert settings via online banking by selecting 'Alerts' in the left hand menu, then click 'Manage alerts'.

Customer number and Activation code How to login to online banking

Customer number

When you sign up for our online banking service we'll give you a customer number - this number is made up of your date of birth (DDMMYY) followed by four digits.

  • Your customer number will be provided on screen when you are signing up to online banking, and a reminder is sent to you by email
  • You'll need the number when you login to online banking. You can also use it to access our telephone banking service
  • Forgotten your customer number? Don't worry you can retrieve it by entering a few details using the link below
Find your customer number

Activation code

If you don't have your debit card to hand when signing up to online banking, we'll send you an Activation code either by text message (if we have your mobile number) or by post. When you login for the first time:

  • You'll be asked to enter your Customer number
  • You'll then be asked to enter an Activation code, once entered you will be able to set up your Anytime Banking PIN (Personal Identification Number) and password, and can get started
  • The PIN & password you set up can also be used to access our Anytime Telephone Banking service
Get an Activation code
Getting into online banking If you don't have your Activation code

If you don't have your Activation code, or it has expired, you can:

  • Follow the link below, giving some details and using your debit card to get instant access to Anytime Internet Banking
  • If you don't have your debit card, enter details below and we'll send you a new Activation code
  • Once you get this, login to online banking using the code and you'll get straight in!
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