Whats new in Anytime Banking

Whats new in Anytime Banking

What's new in Anytime Banking

Find out about the latest updates to your Anytime Banking below...

Anytime Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland account.

Latest improvements

Using debit cards abroad

You can now register your travel plans within Anytime Banking.

Registering details of your up and coming trip is simple to do and will make using your debit card abroad even easier.

To register your card abroad, follow the below steps:

  • Log in to Anytime Banking
  • Select 'Cards' from within the left hand menu
  • Select 'Using your cards abroad'
  • Click 'Manage your travel plans for your debit card'
  • Input the details of your travel plans 
Register your debit card
Change a payment reference


Your banking letters stored within Anytime Banking.

Your Mailbox allows you to receive important letters and mail related to your accounts, that we will send electronically.

  • We’ll automatically send any letters that appear in your Mailbox by post, unless you choose to go paperless.
  • If you have chosen paperless, we will send you a text or email to let you know you have a document to read in your Mailbox.
  • All items will remain in your Mailbox for up to 2 years.
  • You can download and print any of the letters from your Mailbox.
  • To keep your Mailbox tidy, you can use the Archive option to move it into the Archive folder.
View your Mailbox More about Mailbox
Anytime Banking Mailbox
Show me how...

Do more with your Anytime Banking by visiting our ‘show me how to…’ page.

Here you will find all the information you need to make the most of your Anytime Banking.

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Show me how
Past updates

Making bill payments

We have made it quicker and easier to make a new payment through Anytime Banking.

  • When creating a new payment using Anytime Banking, we’ll now tell you if we recognise the account details you’ve entered and give you the option of selecting the company you’re paying from our list of common payees.
  • This improvement will help to give you added confidence when setting up a new payment.
  • You can also choose to continue to enter the details manually if you prefer.  
Make a payment
Bill payment

Change a payment reference

Change a payment reference when you pay a business or individual.

  • We’ve made it simpler to change the payment reference when sending a payment.
  • You now have the option to change the current reference for a payee within the same screen.
  • If you run a business it is now easier to change the reference when paying various invoices or individuals.
  • This option will quickly help you to better manage and keep track of your outgoing payments.
Manage your references
Change a payment reference

Savings interest rates

Check your savings interest rates.

Every savings account will now show a ‘View our interest rates’ link below your balance on the account summary screen.

This link can also be seen when viewing transactions on a savings account and when viewing a statement.

View your savings interest rate

Credit card statements

View and download up to 7 years worth of credit card statements.

Download, save and print a PDF version of your statement in Anytime Banking.


  • Simply go to ‘Statements’ and within ‘Your personal credit cards’ you will now see the additional link ‘View, save and print PDF statement transactions (up to 7 years)’.

Other changes

We have improved the registration and re-registration process.

Should you need to register or re-register for Anytime Banking, we have made this process even quicker. We have reduced the number of steps needed to register, allowing you to get online faster than ever before.

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