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Update on Ulster Bank Ireland DAC presence in the Republic of Ireland.

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Enjoy all your everyday current account banking benefits

Available to Republic of Ireland residents aged 18 or over. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Charges for additional services apply. A guide to personal accounts fees and interest


Why move your account to us?

The use of our mobile app with features such as ‘Get Cash’

Access to our Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking service

Smartphone payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Emergency Cash if your card is lost or stolen

Setting up and changing  your direct debits and standing orders free of charge

Current account transaction fees and charges may apply.

Current account fees and charges

Our fees and charges apply to the following accounts – Current, Standard, Dual, Current Plus and Facility Accounts.

We charge the fee for maintaining the account (monthly maintenance fee) of €2

We charge transaction fees on:

  • Debit card transactions
  • Automated transactions
  • ATM withdrawals
  • In branch and counter transactions
  • Contactless transactions


You can avoid paying transaction fees by maintaining a minimum balance of €3,000 in your account at all times during each charging cycle. You will only pay the €2 monthly maintenance fee.

If you are aged 66 or over, you will not pay the monthly maintenance fee or transaction fees.

The fees and charges will be applied to your account each month. You can find more information on our charging cycles in our Guide to Personal Account Fees and Interest.

Find out more about our current account fees and charges.


   Using our switching service

Our switching service is designed to work around you. Our dedicated switching team is here to help you with the switching process.  In order to switch an account, you must have already opened an Ulster Bank account.   As part of the process, all your regular payments like Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments will be transferred and you can choose your own switch date. Your Old Bank will ensure that all steps are taken to facilitate moving your account within 7 working days of the switching date.  Your new account will be up and running within 10 working days of the switch date.  The switching date is the date agreed between you (the customer) and Ulster Bank for the switching process to commence.  For further information and support, including a step by step guide to switching, see our Switching Pack.

What your old bank will do 

  • Provide us with a list of your standing orders and Direct Debits. A copy will also be sent to you
  • Inform your existing Direct Debit originators/creditors located in RI of your new account details
  • You will need to contact Direct Debit originators outside of the Republic of Ireland and arrange to transfer these Direct Debit(s) to your new account  
  • Where you have chosen to close your old bank account, your old bank will: 

 - refund stamp duty on returned unused cheques (if applicable)

 - debit any charges and/or interest due

 - close your old bank account

 - transfer a credit balance to your new Ulster Bank account

 - send you an account closing statement

  • Ensure that all steps are taken to facilitate moving your account within 7 working days of the switching date.

What we will do 

  • Open your new account and have your cards to you in 10 working days
  • Register you for Anytime Banking 
  • Set up standing orders once we receive the list from your old bank
  • Help to organise regular payments into your account

Tips for a hassle free switch

  • Choose a time of the month to switch when there is little activity on your account in terms of Direct Debits, standing orders and salary payments
  • Contact your Direct Debit Originators with your new account number to ensure that account details are changed on time
  • Make sure there are sufficient  funds in both your old account and your new Ulster Bank account during the transfer process so that you have access to your money and to cover any incoming debits including: standing orders, Direct Debits, cheques, interest, fees or charges due
  • If you have payments into your account that you wish to switch, provide your employer or other credit sources with your new Ulster Bank account details
  • If you have opted to close your old bank account:

- return any unused cheques and bank cards to your old bank when you receive the new ones.

- don’t use your old cards or chequebook on your old payment account once the switching process has started as transactions that have not cleared may delay the switching process.

What else can you expect?

Emergency Cash

If your card is lost or stolen our Emergency Cash service ensures you can access your money from our cash machines. Withdraw up to €300 if you are an Anytime Banking customer, or up to €60 if you're not. You need €25 in your account to use the service.

More on Emergency Cash


Online Banking

View your balance, check and print your statements and pay bills anywhere in the world with our secure online service. Available to over 11s with an eligible account.

More on online banking

Mobile Banking

Our app is simple, clever and easy to use - you can even use it to withdraw cash at our cash machines and make payments to someone new without needing a card reader. Available to customers with Anytime Banking and a Republic of Ireland mobile number.

More on Mobile Banking


Banking to suit you

In addition to our online and mobile banking services, we have a 24/7 call centre and web chat services. Plus, some of our branches open on Saturdays.

More on ways to bank


Transaction fees may apply. For more information please visit our current account fees and charges page


Further information and support


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Simply download the following Switching Pack, complete the Account Transfer Form and return it to your local branch.


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